Going Vegan. The new cookbook by Richard Church


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The Cookbook no vegan should be without

Going Vegan is the new cookbook by Richard Church. It is available in paperback from Amazon, or as a digital download from the Amazon Kindle store and is compatible with all smartphones and tablets, as well as the kindle fire. If you have an apple or android device, then you will need the FREE KINDLE APP, which you can find on your app store.


114 Recipes

256 Pages

103 Photographs

Cooking Techniques.

Plenty of Practical Advice


The book contains 256 pages of vegan recipes, in addition to advice for both the new and established vegan. Most of the recipes are either gluten-free, or can easily be adapted to be so. There are modern twists on old classics, as well as many recipes you will not have tried before. This is a great all-round cookbook that will have you bursting with food ideas!

what people who bought it have said:

Absolutely excellent common sense easy to follow recipes and information. I challenge anyone to believe vegan and gluten free food isn’t delicious with these recipes.
Downloaded this book the other day and so happy I did. The recipes are amazing and the author has really thought about the reader who may be starting out on their journey of becoming vegan. I’ve been vegan now for 2 years and I wish this book had been around when I started out.
I’ve just downloaded this book and the photography is beautiful, the recipes practical for every day as well as special treats. I’ve already made the chocolate mousse as I had some aquafaba saved and they’re divine! Would highly recommend this book to all vegans, new and old

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