It’s That Documentary Thing – Why I love what I do.

 Moments captured in a fraction of a second.

Moments captured in a fraction of a second.

Formal portraits, posed shots and family pictures: the staple of any wedding photographer. These are all great, but what really gets me going is the other stuff. The running around, catching people when they’re not posing, when they’re just doing their thing throughout the day. What I love is capturing life!

Which is why I get a lot out of weddings. I can do just what I love all day long.

Life unfolds very quickly at a wedding. Every moment of the day there is something going on, someone is doing something worth taking a picture of, so you find yourself running around for most of it and sometimes it feels like you’re struggling to keep up. But then you press the shutter release at exactly the right moment and the work goes right out of it. An elated feeling of satisfaction fills you and you’re riding high, looking keenly through your photographer’s eye to repeat the magic. And it does repeat, over and over again because, like I said, there is always something going on.

It gets even better when the client shares your vision, when that moment you photographed (the one you knew was going to be the killer shot of the day) ends up in the final album. For a photographer that’s the ultimate sense of achievement.

I live for these natural moments. To me it’s like documentary photography, something I’ve been a fan of since childhood. It’s life unfolding before my eyes, and nothing makes me happier than to record it.

When I first started photography I would study artists like Joseph Koudelka, Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson, photojournalists I greatly admired. Though I knew I didn’t want to go into that field myself, it was an element I always wanted to include in my work, and weddings give me a great opportunity to accomplish that. This is particularly true of the morning preparations, where everything is far more informal, and that’s why it’s my favourite time of the wedding day.