Shooting Fashion Cinema Style

A fashion shoot is a long and very full day. On the day itself there’s lighting to set up, set designing, make-up to do and outfits to sort out. There’s plenty to do before shoot day too, with meeting after meeting over theme and style, casting and location etc. It helps to see a fashion photography shoot like a short film made with stills, and as with a film there is pre-production, production and post-production. This fashion shoot was for Jehan Couture, a dress designer from London. We met over a period of a few weeks to sort out the finer details. There was only one model required for the day and, after considering a few options we chose Lisa, a model I’d worked with a few times in the past. With the budget being small we made the location the designer’s own home and styled various areas as and when we used them.

Only a fraction of the time on a fashion shoot is spent taking photographs, the majority of time being used for preparing the clothes, model and set, but as the photographer there’s still plenty to do and there’s no real down time until the shoot is over. The Jehan Couture set lasted twelve hours and in that time we achieved six final images for publication. A fun but hard-working day. I used one light and a reflector for most of the shoot as I wanted minimal lighting and hard lines. I’m a big fan of muted colours, which to me give a very cinematic feel and I nearly always tone colours down in post production. The whole team worked hard and that shows through in the final results.