a little About me.

I am a photographer and plant-based food blogger living and working in London. My commercial clients have ranged from small companies to big PR firms and magazines and my photography work is done almost entirely on location.

My love of photography began at a young age with instant still and VHS video cameras borrowed from family members. Later I went to university to study Media and English, where my photography progressed to new levels and my interest in portraiture began to grow. 

I've been passionate about food since I was thirteen years old, when I made my first pizza from a cookbook. Since then I've been experimenting and playing with food, trying different things and making a lot of mistakes along the way. I worked as a chef for over 10 years in various pubs and restaurants, which taught me many things including how to segment an orange properly.

In the spring of 2014 I decided on a whim to go vegan. I was a voracious meat eater before that and I thought I would last about 2 weeks before giving up. I have never looked back. 

I take pictures on the Canon 5DMkII and other Canon camera, using Elinchrom lighting as well as portable flashes to portray my subjects in the best possible way. My relaxed manner and friendly approach helps put my subjects at ease, allowing their personality to shine through into my photographs.

When I'm not taking pictures, cooking, or writing blog posts, I love spending time with my wife and three children. I am also a passionate guitar player.